I recently enjoyed an engaging conversation with my good friend, Dr. Mark Young, President of Denver Seminary. We talked about my favorite subject.


In this interview, we candidly discussed some issues we preachers deal with each week as expositors of the Word of God.

Here’s a quick sample of what we discussed:

  • In a culture that doesn’t accept the Bible as authoritative, where does our authority to preach come from?
  • Does using a personal illustration diminish the centrality of Christ?
  • How can we maintain a weekly routine of message preparation when the demands of ministry are so urgent?
  • As we gauge our congregation’s reactions during our message, how do we get on the same page when they’re inattentive or confused?
  • What can we do when we say something wrong in our message?
  • What’s the difference between preaching to a large congregation and a smaller one?
  • How does the gift of teaching play a role in our preaching?
  • What can a seminary education really do for us?
  • What can we do when we feel weary in preaching every week?

Are you salivating yet? Great! Please watch this interview and be encouraged in your pulpit ministry.

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