The Ministry of Marriage

Reaching Out as a Couple

Marriage is one of God’s greatest tools for ministry. For example, consider the impact of Priscilla and Aquila’s marriage. Somewhere in the streets of Corinth, they stumbled across a man down on his luck.

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Paul was . . .

  • Weary
  • Homeless
  • Alone
  • Fresh off a demoralizing trip in Athens
  • He needed a place to stay

They cleared out a room. Not for one night, not for one week, but until Paul was called to move on.

Then an up-and-coming young evangelist breezed into town. After his eloquent sermon, Priscilla and Aquila invited him over for dinner.

Acts 18:24–25 states that Apollos was gifted and passionate. Though he was accurate in his teaching, he was incomplete in his theology. This couple corrected his doctrine without quelling his desire.

Priscilla and Aquila simply opened up a room for Paul and a seat at the table for Apollos. Through their hospitality and instruction, they impacted two of the greatest early church leaders.

What about us? Who could we impact that may in turn impact the world?

Risky Yet Rewarding

Time spent building our marriages is essential. But take it a step further. Build ministry into your marriage.

Is it risky? Yes. Is it uncomfortable? At times. Is it rewarding? Absolutely. There’s nothing better. So what does it take?

I’ll be really gutsy here. Find an individual in need. Just look around.

How about a struggling single parent?

How about an unwed mother?

How about an emotionally hurting friend?

Now, they may mess up your life a little. They may get your carpet dirty, but you’ll have the joy of turning their life around.

If you’re not careful, it may just revolutionize your marriage and strengthen the very foundation of your family.


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