To Help You Endure What You’re Facing

Tucked away in the folds of Hebrews 11 is a two-word biography worth a second glance: “. . . he endured” (11:27). The New International Version reads, “he persevered,” the Amplified Version, “he held staunchly to his purpose.” Moffatt renders it, “he never flinched.”

To Help You Endure What You are Facing
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“He” was Moses, the one who hung tough, who was committed to God’s desires for his life, and who decided not to surrender to rising odds.

  • He had staying power.
  • He was faithful.
  • He possessed the discipline of durability.

There aren’t many qualities we pastors need more than this one.

Learning from the Shepherd Moses

Moses endured despite the contempt of Pharaoh, the mightiest monarch of that era. No amount of resistance from Egypt’s throne dimmed his faithfulness. Moses stayed at the task that God gave him despite the stubbornness of the Hebrews who grumbled, blamed, complained, and rebelled. Nothing they said or did made Moses retreat.

Misunderstood, maligned, murmured against, and misrepresented, Moses never flinched.

So what’s the lesson we pastors can learn from his example?

  • Stand firm when conspirators and critics seem to prosper.
  • Stay faithful when the wicked appear to be winning.
  • Endure in times of crisis—in the church . . . in your finances . . . in your family.
  • Stand firm even when no one would ever know if you compromise.
  • Stand firm, stay faithful, and endure!

Encouragement for Wherever You Are

I have no idea where this finds you. For all I know, you are stronger than ever, determined not to shrink back, pressing on with a full tank of resolve. That’s great.

Or . . .

  • Maybe your moral purity and ethical integrity are wearing thin.
  • It’s possible you’ve begun to listen too closely to your critics or need others’ approval too much.
  • Maybe you led with decisiveness in the past . . . but today you’re feeling yourself weakening.
  • Maybe you’ve started shrugging off your better judgment. Don’t go there; it’s just not worth it!

Moses endured, but how? The same verse tells us—by focusing his attention on “Him who is invisible.” Moses continually reminded himself that his sole purpose in life was to please God, to obey Him, to glorify Him, to gain His approval at all cost. Such lasting durability is rare but not impossible (see Matthew 19:26).

Whatever it is you’re facing right now, remember Moses’ example: stand strong—stay faithful.

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