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This week I want to recommend that you spend a few minutes reading a recent interview I had with In the brief conversation, I shared a number of my passions for today’s pastors—especially for those younger than me. (Yes, I’m sure that includes most of you!)

I urge you to do more than read the interview. I hope you’ll ponder the words with all seriousness . . . evaluate what I say against the Scriptures . . . and then determine to apply what the Spirit of God impresses upon you.


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2 thoughts on “My Interview with

  1. How true, how true. When my wife and myself moved to a new city we began to visit local churches to discern which one to make our home. As we visited each one and stayed at least a month we learn that they had become entertainment centers. Plenty of dinners, get togethers, sing a thong’s, video’s, projections above the pastor, skit’s, etc, etc. Or they have become so legalistic they you couldn’t sing until you had been there a year.
    We were starving for something in each service. And as we looked around us we saw that people we being entertained and not being fed.
    Automated Sunday school classes where you watched a movie instead of hearing the word of God spoken and interacted with someone. The only fellowship was over the treat table.
    So we found a church that was presenting the word of God in true fellowship but alas; membership is down so the movies have started, automation is creeping in, text messaging is the only communications you receive….
    So our soul’s starve for the fellowship with the word, with those who see what we see. We hunger for a class where we can speak and communicate what the Lord does for us and how He can help others.
    I think Chuck said it very well; “People have learned to show up, sit down, listen, learn and leave”. It is automated now.
    What can we do to honor God. How can we change what is not only local but nationwide? What can we say to not give offense but make a difference. There are those who like us are starving for the living, inspired word of God. They are hungry but don’t understand how it is that when they go to church, their are no answers.

  2. Brother Swindoll
    You have nailed it,I mean this is exactly what is happening in the Church today. People burning strange fires before the Lord, me I love the old hymns in the worship service,but I see it this way they relate to the scripture and have meaning to them alot of what we have today is singing the same chours over & over.I have a member in our small church who just recently told me this very same thing, and I am thinking in the back of my mind we are in agreement and did`nt even know it. I love some of the new and all of it isn`t entertainment, but I agree with you 100% brother Chuck. The Lord hath said in no uncertain terms when He spoke in
    Leviticus 10:3 (ASV)
    3 Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is it that Jehovah spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified. And Aaron held his peace. I am just saying that the Lord demands we set Him apart from the world,and I don`t know about anyone else but I dare not burn a strange fire before Him. God Bless you my brother for you service to the King.

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