Goal for the New Year: Preach the Word!

I thought we should start off the New Year right by reminding ourselves of an essential role we have as pastor-teachers.

(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com)

Take some time right now and watch this message I delivered to those about to enter ministry. My challenge to them is the challenge that you and I will face every week this year: to preach the Word.


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4 thoughts on “Goal for the New Year: Preach the Word!

  1. WOW Pastor Chuck! Where were you almost 36 years ago when I graduated from Bible college? I have desired for all those years to simply be what God’s man should be but know I have fallen so far short of that. Sometimes I have questioned my calling and wondered if I am doing this because I can do nothing else. Each time God has reassured me that He has called me to this direction of my life. I truly want to do nothing else. Thanks so much for the years you have been faithful and have pulled “my fat out of the fire” at times. My prayer for 2010 is my theme for the year: Deeper. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

  2. What a privilege to be accepted by you and Christ Jesus
    Thank you for your encouragement and leading us to the cold hard facts of the truth as it should be told. Please continue to keep me in prayer as I strive to fill the Gap and to be Jehovahs willing servant. May God continue to bless you and your family this year and the years to come. Thanks Dude

  3. Chuck,
    Thank you for the many faithful years of ministry that you have shown. I cannot keep up with you very much because of my own work in the field…I’m busy. But when I do get a chance to stop and look around a bit, you are there also…being faithful to God’s Word!!! God bless you my brother!

  4. Pastor Swindoll,
    I so very much appreciate all that you said to the audience before you that day at Dallas Seminary – it all rings so very true. Even more thank you for re stirring within me the realization in my own life that it (my life) would be without meaning and purpose if I could not preach the Word. I love you my brother, you have been a constant source of encouragement and exhortation to be the best preacher I can be in God’s service. Thanks!

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